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Steve Brown is an ex-IT Consultant / Web Developer with 20 years experience in managing IT Systems and IT Programming and Development. He’s now a paramedic, but he still uses his MacBook Pro regularly. He started his IT career with British Telecom after leaving school and cut his teeth on the wonders of Microsoft Lan Manager – back before the Internet was heard of and while Windows 3 was the ‘in thing’. At the time it was a luxury to have a 256 colour display and the idea of viewing photos on your computer was just ridiculous, unless you had a Sun Sparcstation or something equally expensive. For the next 19 years Steve worked using Microsoft Windows in its various forms from Windows For Workgroups through to Vista.


Ah, Vista. Now there’s a thing. It is in fact Vista which is the reason this site exists at all. Yes, he expects to get flamed to eternity for this, but Vista was the reason he investigated Mac at all. It started with a Hackintosh because he was so sick of having the latest hardware which ran XP at blazing speed but was pitifully slow on Vista. Not to mention the poor device driver support for the various pieces of hardware he had (although of course Hackintosh doesn’t support all that much either, but what the heck, if you’re gonna lose that hardware anyway why not have a look eh?) and the constant ‘Do you want to Cancel or Allow?’ popups. Enough about Vista – anyone who’s reading this probably already knows how poor it is.

Well, from Hackintosh to proper Apple Macintosh. And the funny thing is, the only software that runs poorly on it is…… Yes, wait for it…… You guessed it….. Microsoft Office! Yep – I had all sorts of trouble installing that, from printing blank pages to utterly appalling start up times for the application… Enough MS bashing, this site isn’t here for MS bashing, it’s here so you can make informed choices about the various Mac software that’s out there.

By the way, for some real comedic value, and some serious MS Bashing, watch the Get A Mac ads


I investigate all manner of software just in the course of operating my business. A web design company. So I’m using all manner of different software from Project Management, Contact Management, HTML Editors, Development Environments, Databases, Design Software, Instant Messenging, E-Mail etc etc. I also play games occasionally, and use Twitter and Facebook. In general I spend way too much time on the Internet. As a result of all that, I’m often looking for a new way of doing things, or a better, quicker way of working. So I go looking for software to fulfill that and I like to utilise review sites to see how something works before I install it, or pay for it. There’s a few good sites out there, but most don’t show up very well on Google for some reason, and so when I am searching I need to know they exist.

Of course there’s the Apple App Store software download pages, which contain LOTS of software available for the Mac. And lots of great software. But terrible, awful reviews of that software, and a chronic categorization system that doesn’t allow me to easily look for what I’m after. For example I might be looking for Freeware CRM Systems. The Apple store shows me Business Software but doesn’t go into any further categorization.

So I decided to put this place together. At the moment it only has the software I’ve personally used on it. But ultimately I intend for it to become the premier web resource for anyone who wants to find some software for the mac and to then be able to make an informed decision.

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  1. Steve,
    CrazyTalk Animator 3.1 offers a variety of resources for learning to animate with Photoshop characters. Get started with setting up characters using PSD character animation templates, see how it works with sample PSD character design projects.

    May I email you the release? I think it would make a good news item. I also have a review copy of the software available. This is big news for the Photoshop crowd.

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