Clean Up

MacOS keeps itself pretty clean and tidy on a day to day basis, but there are some utilities that can help it to stay running fast and help keep your disk usage to a minimum. This category of posts looks at various different ways to keep your Mac running as fast as possible and as optimally as possible too.

Whether it’s duplicate photo’s that are taking up too much space, or e-mail attachments causing Mac’s mail program to run slowly, or just lots of processes in the background that aren’t needed, the articles in this category should give you some idea of how to get your Mac performing at its best again.

MacPaw Gemini 2

MacPaw Gemini 2 Review Icon

My Mac Has Run Out Of Disk Space This is something that I suffer with regularly on my Mac, partially because I use so much software in my day to day life and this has just become considerably worse because I’ve started to try to learn photography… I bought a lovely camera, which I won’t …

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MacCleaning Pro

We’ve looked at several utilities in the past to keep your Mac running in top condition. MacCleaning Pro from EaseUS is one of the cheaper and simpler options. It is very easy to use, mostly by virtue of it’s lack of features. As system cleaners go, this has to be the simplest. The preferences pane, shown to …

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