These articles all look at different communications software for Mac, such as instant messaging or VPN software for the mac that will help to keep your communication with the world private.

A VPN is especially useful if you have a MacBook (Pro or Air variant) and use it when you’re out and about, particularly if you’re using a public wi-fi access point like you would at McDonalds or Starbucks. If you’re not using a VPN then you have no idea who is able to read the data you’re sending backward and forward.

These articles will help you make a decision on the various different communication software available for Mac.

WhatsApp for Mac

If you’re looking for cross-platform messaging so you can chat with all your friends and contacts but have friends who are on iOS whilst some are on Android and others on PC or Mac, it’s hard to go past WhatsApp.


Direct Mail for Mac Icon

Direct Mail is an easy to use bulk email program for Mac. With a simple to use interface it provides all the power, bells and whistles you need without compromise. Features worth highlighting include the ability to connect to most existing customer relation programs and pretty much any other app of any worth which contains …

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It’s fair to say that I generally review software that I actively use and Adium is no exception. So you can predict this review will recommend the use of Adium like most of my others. But this review site is more about showing you why something is worth using rather than just simply saying it …

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