Gaming on the Mac isn’t one of its strong points historically and it’s fair to say that although the iPad is a good tablet for gaming on with tablet style games when it comes to personal computers, the Mac still lags behind Windows when it comes to gaming.

However, there are some games that work quite nicely on more modern Macs and this categories looks at some of those and points out the good bits and the bad bits with gaming on the Mac. Some of the articles are utility applications that help you to play your games, so aren’t necessarily so hamstrung by the lack of decent gaming hardware in a Mac.

Parallels 8 Desktop For Gaming (specifically EvE Online under Parallels)

Eve Online Running on Mac by way of Parallels

Some time ago I wrote a review on Parallels Desktop and compared it to VMWare and VirtualBox. Since then, things have moved on in version numbers and I thought it was time to revisit. I have a particular need of late, and this review is centered around that need. Notably, the Mac client for EvE …

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This review only relates to MacBook Pro machines which have dual display adapters fitted. I’m not entirely sure which set of MBPs that is, except that mine is one of those with a 9400M/9600GT fitted. For years I’ve done various things on it from time to time such as writing an email and then deciding …

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