Image Manipulation

If there’s one thing the Mac is absolutely renowned for it, it is the ability to manipulate images. The Mac is probably most popular with graphic designers, web designers, logo creators and anyone else that spends their time making things look pretty.

The Mac has always been good for image manipulation and there’s a whole raft of different applications you can use to manipulate images on your mac in various different ways.

Some of the apps are simple, some are quite complicated. We go over some of the more popular image manipulation software packages for the Mac in this category.

The Best Photoshop Alternative for Mac

Affinity Photo Logo Image - Transparent Background

Introduction I’m an extreme novice when it comes to image manipulation, being more of a techie than a designer, but occasionally I dabble with playing around with designs for some of my online shops ( shameless plug: if you’re a Healthcare Professional then have a look at for some great gift ideas – it’s …

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