How to Remove Viruses and Malware From Your Mac

Malware Warning Triangle Icon - Yes A Mac Can Get Malware

A guest post by David Smith Why Is This Important? With technology being more prevalent in our world than ever, viruses and malware are now more prevalent than ever. Hackers are always scrounging the cyber world for a way to access your passwords, social media profiles, and financial information. Shopping and other activities have become …

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WhatsApp for Mac

If you’re looking for cross-platform messaging so you can chat with all your friends and contacts but have friends who are on iOS whilst some are on Android and others on PC or Mac, it’s hard to go past WhatsApp.


With so many sites, services and places that require passwords, pins, secret phrases etc, it’s really hard not to fall into the temptation of setting the same password for every site. Having the same username/password for each site you interact with (such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Online Banking etc) is very dangerous. By having the …

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iFlicks 2

I’ve just recently decided to make the switch from Kodi on my Home Theatre PC to AppleTV 3. Clearly, we’re an Apple household and the Kodi HTPC was a bit of an odd-one-out as it was running Mythbuntu. I’d been considering the switch on power usage grounds (the Apple TV uses a measly 1.5Watts of …

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