Many people are of the opinion that the Mac is the most secure personal computing environment available (aside from Linux based systems perhaps) – which is mostly true but the fact that it is perhaps the most secure shouldn’t mean that you can forget about security.

Even Macs can get malware, and even Macs can have their wireless traffic intercepted and have bad things happen to them as a result. So this category looks at various different security applications for the Mac, ranging from VPN software to anti-malware – all for the Mac.

Because it is more secure than Windows, but it’s not fully secure without some additional help.

Remembear Vs. Safe-In-Cloud Vs. LastPass

Collection of scattered passwords to illustrate why a password manager is a good idea

It is extremely important for you to stay secure online. Sometimes, you might need to take a few extra steps to protect your accounts. Whether you use the Internet for communication, shopping, banking or running a business, you cannot undermine the importance of securing sensitive data. It can get extremely difficult to remember a number …

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How to Remove Viruses and Malware From Your Mac

Malware Warning Triangle Icon - Yes A Mac Can Get Malware

A guest post by David Smith Why Is This Important? With technology being more prevalent in our world than ever, viruses and malware are now more prevalent than ever. Hackers are always scrounging the cyber world for a way to access your passwords, social media profiles, and financial information. Shopping and other activities have become …

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With so many sites, services and places that require passwords, pins, secret phrases etc, it’s really hard not to fall into the temptation of setting the same password for every site. Having the same username/password for each site you interact with (such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Online Banking etc) is very dangerous. By having the …

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Selfie App

I’ll be honest, this isn’t an App I would’ve initially gone looking for – it’s not really my thing to take photos of myself, especially early in the morning when I least expect it. But I was approached to take a look at the Selfie App on the Mac App Store so I did. Whilst …

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Keeper For Mac Icon

In the last few months the number of passwords, pass phrases, pin codes and other personal identification mechanisms I’ve had to use (and endure) has grown dramatically. Every site I sign up for has a different set of requirements for passwords, and those requirements are growing ever more complicated. And if I don’t use the …

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