This category looks at the various different software applications for Mac that can extend how the Mac works, or how your interact with your Mac.

From the ability to better control your Macs fan speeds, to dictating your typing to the Mac rather than having to manually type it. Tools to help you do things better from the command line and tools to give you more power over how your Mac runs.


Homebrew isn’t really an application as such, more of a framework for installing apps. In particular, Open Source apps that Linux users have enjoyed as packages (.deb files in Ubuntu/Mint/Debian, RPM files in the RedHat series) for years. Homebrew is similar to MacPorts, which I’ve just stopped using and switched to Homebrew myself. Why did …

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TNEF’s Enough – opening winmail.dat in OSX

If you’ve ever received an e-mail from a user of Microsoft Outlook connected to a Microsoft Exchange Server and you’re on a Mac, you may have been frustrated by the annoyance that is ‘winmail.dat’. It’s a proprietary attachment format that Microsoft developed years ago and for some reason continue to stick with today, even though …

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