This category looks at the various different software applications for Mac that can extend how the Mac works, or how your interact with your Mac.

From the ability to better control your Macs fan speeds, to dictating your typing to the Mac rather than having to manually type it. Tools to help you do things better from the command line and tools to give you more power over how your Mac runs.


This review only relates to MacBook Pro machines which have dual display adapters fitted. I’m not entirely sure which set of MBPs that is, except that mine is one of those with a 9400M/9600GT fitted. For years I’ve done various things on it from time to time such as writing an email and then deciding …

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Sequel Pro

Sequel Pro is a MySQL Database Management Application for Mac OSX 10.5 and 10.4. It’s released under the GPL Open Source License and is a very capable MySQL management app. I’ve used a number of these over the years and Sequel Pro is probably the best fit for the needs of most average MySQL administrators …

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