Video Tools

This category investigates different video tools for the mac, making it easy to find software to rip your DVD collection onto your Mac, or to convert the videos you have already got on your Mac into something more suitable for the iPhone, iPad or Android devices to play back smoothly.

We’ve also included in this collection of video software, some tools that enable you to record your Mac desktop or record the screen from your mac so that you can make instructional / teaching videos, or stream clips from games you might be playing on your Mac or anything else that you might come up with that needs software to record your Macs screen.

And of course finally, there’s software in here to edit those videos that you come up with, or rip from DVD if you should desire. There’s plenty of software available to edit videos on Mac and we run through various different packages to highlight the good and the bad points of each.

MacX DVD vs Handbrake: Which is the best DVD Ripping software for MacOS?

Stack of DVDs ready for ripping using either MacXDVD or Handbrake

DVD ripping has now become a common part of our everyday lives. That is made important as these disks come off as being too fragile in most cases. Likewise, ripping provides a good deal of security and peace of mind against disc losses, scratches and other damages. In this article we look at whether MacX …

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MacX Video Converter Pro

MacX Video Converter Pro Review Image

iPhone and iPad videos are quite different to TV and/or Computer based videos in size, format and so on. This review leads you through an easy way to convert your movies to iPad or iPhone format from YouTube, MySpace, Facebook and of course your home video library.