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We’ve looked at DVD Ripping in the past with our review of MacX DVD Ripper Pro, and some alternatives on our How To Copy DVD’s On OS X article (which ironically, Google decided was teaching people how to be pirates and removed from our AdWords campaigns… Despite us quite clearly stating this isn’t about piracy, it’s about backing up what’s rightfully yours and/or simply putting it into a library so you can watch it using your Apple TV).

In this review we look at Mac DVDRipperPro to see how it stacks up with the competition.

Installing Mac DVDRipperPro is easy, although perhaps unfortunately it does require OS X 10.8 or better which is a shame because there must be a vast number of Mac Mini 2007 owners who’re now finding their multimedia systems are becoming obsolete. Once you download MDRP from you simply drag the Application to your Applications folder. There, it’s installed!

Mac DVD Ripper Pro Insert Screen

On opening you’ll be presented with an initial screen that looks like the one on the left telling you to insert a DVD. Do this and you’ll see the interface switch to one that looks like the image on the right. The default options are quite likely to be the options you want, although other options are available, the rip and convert is the option you need if you want to convert your DVD into an AppleTV / iTunes / iPod / iPhone or Kodi/Plex compatible file. Clicking the ‘Video’ drop down will show you all the different video tracks on the DVD. The main movie should be selected automatically but if it’s not you can switch it over here. Simply pressing the Rip button will start your DVD copy process.

Mac DVD Ripper Pro Rip Screen

However, it’s probably worth having a quick look at the ‘Preferences’ screen before you do your first rip to make sure that it’s going to actually do what you want it to – even though the default is probably the most common use case your scenario may be different. One of the nice features that shows up under the Mac DVDRipper Pro preferences screen is the ability to automatically import the ripped DVD into iTunes. How this is actually achieved will depend on your iTunes settings – if you have told iTunes to copy media to the library when importing then you’ll end up with 2 copies of the file on your hard drive – you can delete the original once it’s imported if you have this option set. The preferences screen is shown below.

Mac DVD Ripper Pro Preferences Screen

So, that’s a quick run-down of the simplest parts of Mac DVDRipper Pro – and it really is that simple. If you want to make a backup copy of the DVD (for example so that the kids can use the copy rather than the original, then if it gets scratched or covered in marmalade you can simply make a new copy rather than losing your DVD) then you can choose the ‘Full Disc Image and Burn a Copy’ preset option and Mac DVDRipper Pro will automatically burn the copy for you once it has ripped the copy.

We love Mac DVD Ripper Pro, it’s simple elegant interface is quick, clean and straight forward and fits our use-case perfectly which that of converting our DVD library to iTunes so we can watch them on the couple of Apple TVs we have dotted around the house. There’s nothing quite like not having to get off the couch to put a DVD in the slot – oh how lazy we have become!

The price point for Mac DVD Ripper Pro is excellent at $49.95 (although at time of writing the publishers have a discount running and it’s only $24.95 – which is even better). There are free alternatives available for ripping DVDs (such as Handbrake) but none of the other offerings are as simple or elegant as Mac DVD Ripper Pro – even our previous favourite MacX DVD Ripper Pro is harder to operate than this one.

Upgrades do require a fee however (which differs from MacX DVDRipper Pro) but it’s quite small at $9.95 and one of the best things we really like about this product is that the trial version is completely fully functional for the first 5 copies. You can make absolutely sure it does what you need it to before committing to buy.

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Visit for further information and to download a fully functional, free trial (limited to 5 disks)

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Positives: Extremely easy to use. Full featured free trial. Fast
Negatives: Not as flexible as other rippers
Trial Available: Yes


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