MacX DVD vs Handbrake: Which is the best DVD Ripping software for MacOS?

Stack of DVDs ready for ripping using either MacXDVD or Handbrake

DVD ripping has now become a common part of our everyday lives. That is made important as these disks come off as being too fragile in most cases. Likewise, ripping provides a good deal of security and peace of mind against disc losses, scratches and other damages. In this article we look at whether MacX DVD Ripper Pro is better than Handbrake or the other way around.

You might want to keep the files on your disc after you have discarded them. You might just want to convert the files for use on your other devices. Whichever it is, you would need a good DVD ripping software to get the job done for you.

That being said, MacOS users have always been treated to the amazing DVD ripping options provided by Handbrake. Being one of the free yet extensive offerings on the market, Handbrake really does hold its own down.

However, the same can be said of the MacX DVD Ripper Pro. Although a relative newcomer, it has a barrage of features that makes it a core challenger.

In this review, we will be looking at the important features of both softwares. In the end, you will be able to predict just which one of these will best suit your needs.

Shall we?

Software/ Features


MacX DVD Ripper




Ripping speed (DVD to MP4)

About 5.8 minutes (150% CPU)

About 20 minutes (780% CPU)

DVD types handled

Homemade, TV Series, Hollywood and Kids’ DVDs

Homemade, Recent releases, 99-Title, TV Series, Hollywood, Kids, Damaged and Unplayable DVDs

Handbrake’s standout features

One of the things that endear many users to Handbrake is the cost – or lack of it. Some of the other features of Handbrake that makes it a fan favorite include:

  • Transcoding: The DVD ripper is known for transcoding videos in old formats into modern formats that can be viewed on other devices (iPhones and iPads). This comes in handy when you have a desired video in an old format and new devices that won’t read such a format.
  • Batch conversion: Sometimes, you might have a bunch of videos that you would like to convert. Getting through them one after the other could be tiring. Handbrake solves that problem in offering batch conversion services instead. You can take advantage of that by feeding multiple videos into the system and having them run into desired formats all at once.
  • DVD Ripping: Of course, we can’t talk about the features of Handbrake while not mentioning the basic thing it is meant for – DVD ripping. While the software will encounter problems with some file types, it is a generally desirable pick for ripping videos on your Macs.

MacX DVD Ripper Pro’s standout features

MacX DVD Ripper Pro also brings unique features to the market it addresses. These are:

  • Wider range: MacX DVD Ripper Pro prides itself in being able to handle just about any DVD file you throw at it. No matter the permissions and restrictions, you would find a place for such a disk in this software package.
  • Multiple formats: You don’t have to rip your videos to a certain format anymore, neither do you even have to rip them into video in the first place. Allowing conversions to MP4, MP3, MKV, MPEG and countless other file formats, you get to export your files in just about any way you have in mind.
  • Specific profiles: If you’d like to enjoy the converted/ ripped content on specific phones, you will find the built-in profiles come in handy. They allow you convert videos to suit almost all of the iPhone and iPad unit series. That is not to mention the support for iPods.

Given that there are 350+ such conversion profiles on board, you will rarely be caught out not finding an iOS model you’d like your videos optimized for. If you’d like a more in depth view of MacX DVD Ripper Pro have a look at our article which goes into much more depth – including how to use it.

Handbrake vs. MacX DVD Ripper Pro

From what has been seen above, it is quite evident that both software packages are leaders in their own rights. Compared, they noticeably edge one anther out in certain areas.

The first point of call would be in the offering price where Handbrake beats MacX DVD Ripper Pro, hands-down. This owes to the fact that the former software is a free tool, trumping the paid status of the latter.

Unfortunately, that is where the fun ride stops for Handbrake. In fact, MacX DVD Ripper Pro edges it out so bad, the price isn’t even worth considering.

You would think so too if you considered only the speeds of operation from both software. To put things in context, MacX DVD Ripper Pro is tested to process ripping operations more than 2x faster than what is obtainable on the Handbrake.

Even at that, the Handbrake will have issues ripping certain disk types. Those include recent releases, unplayable and damaged disks – all of which MacX DVD Ripper Pro excels at.

Yet another consideration is that of the file formats you can get your files in. Handbrake will produce results in MP4 and MKV, and no more. MacX DVD Ripper Pro will take the game a notch further by providing MP3, MOV, H.264 and just about any other audio-video format you can think of.

As if that is not enough, you still get to remove DVD copy protections with the MacX DVD Ripper Pro. Lest we forget, the guys behind MacX DVD also run a team dedicated to releasing updates that ensures you get to rip just about any type of DVD coming your way.

Final Verdict

Handbrake has been around for a while now. In that time, it has gained a cult status among users as being a free tool which brings just what is needed on board.

At this time and age though, users need more than the barest minimum. Even though it comes at a price, the MacX DVD Ripper provides such a good value for the money.

If you were looking for something free, didn’t care about getting all file types ripped and have a lot of time to spare, the handbrake is yours. Should you be in for a modern-day DVD ripping feel, complete with speed and mouth-watering functionalities though, you should look no further than the MacX DVD Ripper Pro.

For more information on how to rip DVDs on your Mac have a look at our in depth article.

Where To Get Them

Handbrake is available at

MacXDVD Ripper Pro is available at

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