Remembear Vs. Safe-In-Cloud Vs. LastPass

Collection of scattered passwords to illustrate why a password manager is a good idea

It is extremely important for you to stay secure online. Sometimes, you might need to take a few extra steps to protect your accounts. Whether you use the Internet for communication, shopping, banking or running a business, you cannot undermine the importance of securing sensitive data.

It can get extremely difficult to remember a number of different passwords. Using the same password for all the accounts poses a security risk. A password manager can handle all the needs when it comes to storing and managing different passwords in a secure way.

It’s important for you to choose the password manager wisely. RememBear, LastPass and Safe-In-Cloud are among the best password managers. Let’s compare these password managers but before that, you must know why do you need a password manager.

Why Do You Need A Password Manager?

Generate Random Passwords

You can generate a number of different passwords for each one of your account. Password cracking programs can guess the most common passwords easily but the random passwords are far more difficult to guess.

Simplify Login

The browser extension of the login screen manages your passwords and autofill the logins. You don’t need to remember different passwords or type them every time you want to log in.

Change Your Passwords Easily

With password managers, it becomes very easy to change or reset passwords. It’s necessary to change your passwords periodically to stay secure online.

Secure Sharing

Password managers make it very easy for you to share your passwords with coworkers, friends or family members. Generally, you must avoid sharing your passwords but a password manager allows you to share your passwords conveniently.

Use The Same Tool Across Multiple Devices

The best password managers are multi-platform. Whether you’re using a smartphone, a MacBook or a PC, the password manager can handle all your password needs.

LastPass Vs Safe-In-Cloud Vs RememBear


LastPass is one of the most popular password management tools. It provides all the necessary features without overwhelming the users with the number of features.


LastPass supports MacOS as well as the Windows operating systems. It supports a range of different browsers like Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera browser. On mobile devices, it is available for Android, iOS, Windows, Symbian, Blackberry, and WebOS.

Set Up

There are a number of different ways to set up LastPass on your system. You just need to install the LastPass extensions on your browsers for it to work. You will need to set up a master password that you need to remember.

The master password holds the keys to all the passwords stored by LastPass. In case you forget the password, you can reset it by saving a phone number where you can get the account recovery password.

You can download and install the app on your smartphone. You can log in your account using the master password. After you log in for the first time, you can switch to the biometric login or PIN. LastPass can also pull in the existing information from the inbuilt password managers on your browser.

The LastPass mobile apps lack a few essential features that are available in the browser interface. You cannot change multiple passwords at the same time on the LastPass mobile app. You can log in using the Face ID and Touch ID on your iPhone. The Android app looks quite similar to the browser interface.


LastPass stores your passwords and other data in an encrypted form on your device and its cloud servers. Cloud servers make it extremely easy for you to sync data across various devices. Your data is encrypted and decrypted only on your device so that it is in a readable state only on your device.

LastPass offers two-factor authentication to free as well as premium users. It works in compliance with SOC 2(Service Of Compliance) which ensures that it meets the trust principles, such as security, availability, privacy, confidentiality, and integrity. The system also offers you an option to install a web browser with the LastPass extension on a USB drive.

LastPass Pros

  • Multi-platform support
  • Stores data on the cloud servers
  • Follows SOC 2 guidelines
  • Consistent design

LastPass Cons

  • The desktop app could be better
  • Having to re-login every 30 days can be a pain, but does increase security


Safe-In-Cloud sports a comprehensive set of tools that are designed to provide the peace of mind and security to the users. The program is highly intuitive and it can keep all your passwords and data safe in one place. Its simple to use interface allows you to customize the settings to meet the requirements of the users.

The software is cross-platform and it works smoothly on Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS.

Set Up

Setting up Safe-In-Cloud is a pretty straightforward process. It integrates an entry in the boot sequence so that it starts working automatically at every system startup. Its password detector ensures that you assign a highly secure key which is made from symbols, numbers, lowercase letters, and uppercase letters.


It consists of cards that you can add for email accounts, credit cards, codes, web accounts, etc. You can add a lot of details to a card, such as notes, images, phone numbers, PINs, email addresses, passwords, etc. With Safe-In-Cloud you can also add a number of custom fields to the cards.

Symbols and labels can also be added to the card to make it easy for you to send them directly. The search function makes it easy for you to find the cards. You can also create separate notes and export your data in different formats. Safe In Cloud can import data from various sources, such as FileZilla, Kaspersky Password Manager, LastPass, KeePass, RoboForm, etc.

Settings And Configurations

It is necessary to customize settings to allow Safe In Cloud to synchronize data to the cloud. Synchronization is disabled by default but you can enable it for OneDrive, GoogleDrive, and Dropbox. You just need a registered account that you will authenticate.

Additional Tools

The tool locks down automatically when its window is not active. You can disable or adjust the auto-lock features. The program can also empty the Clipboard and erase the contents in case a user fails to log in successfully. Safe-In-Cloud can also erase the app data manually with a click. You can also back up and restore the data in the DB format.

Safe In Cloud allows you to tweak the settings as per your preferences. You can disable the Autostart sequence, deactivate automatic checkups, disable the password detector, change the database key, define the rules to generate random passwords and more.

Safe-In-Cloud Pros

  • It can import data from 95 different sources.
  • The tool locks automatically when not in use.
  • Weak password detector ensures that you set strong passwords.
  • Random password generator for easy password generation.

Safe-In-Cloud Cons

  • You cannot disable the autostart sequence during the setup.
  • It lacks a number of advanced features.


RememBear is developed by a popular VPN solution known as TunnelBear. It’s a Canadian company that has proven its worth already. The program is a simple and straightforward tool which is available as an Android app, an iOS app, and a desktop program. RememBear makes managing passwords and credit card information pretty easy for you.

It categorizes every set of data that goes into the vault. The military-grade encryption and the automated locking can make the app extremely safe to use.

Set Up

RememBear might take a while when you install and launch the app for the first time. It can import the credentials from Google Chrome automatically. You can deselect the non-passwords before you allow the program to import the credentials. It evaluates the master password and generates a backup kit on the spot.

The backup kit contains a device key, an email address, and a master password box. It’s the only way to verify the new devices which comes very handy if the QR code does not work.


The interface is simplistic yet intuitive and the tabs display the most essential features. It also allows you to find the credentials that are discarded from the vault. It is pretty simple to handle the credentials even though the program allows the storage of the credit card data and website logins.

Credentials are synced across various devices and the program categorizes them according to their type. The app sports a search bar that makes it easy for you to search for any data that you need. You can modify any credential in a matter of seconds.

With the inbuilt password generator, you can generate passwords automatically. These passwords are evaluated by the program to highlight the credentials that need updating.

If the user remains inactive for a given period of time, the app locks itself automatically. It allows only the authenticated devices to connect to the same vault.

User Friendliness

RememBear walks you through the basic steps that make it very simple to use even for the tech-deficient users. After you complete the installation steps, you’ll land on the achievement screen. You’ll be awarded achievements for completing various actions.

Achievements allow you to get acquainted with the different areas of the service. After you download the RememBear app, you can scan the QR code for authentication.

Apps and Extensions

RememBear offers extensions for the two most popular browsers, Chrome and Firefox. The add-on is a miniature version of the desktop app and it offers all the essential features.

The iOS and the Android apps work just like the desktop program but they also allow you to use a PIN to work with the app. The Google Chrome extension fills the password automatically saved on the RememBear’s vault.


All the data is encrypted locally using the military-grade AES-256 encryption. RememBear generates an NDK(New Device Key) when you install it for the first time. You won’t need this key every time you log in. It is used for authenticating a new device.

It verifies the legitimacy of your device and your master password works as a final check. With the top-notch AES-256 encryption, your data always remains on your device or the servers in an encrypted form. It uses SRP(Secure Remote Password) which is a key exchange that allows the server and your device to agree on a shared cryptographic calculation.

It is a pretty secure tool as your master password or the hashes are not stored or sent on the RememBear’s servers.


RememBear is a solid tool and you would hardly need any support. The knowledgebase provides answers to all the common queries. You can also get direct support via email.

RememBear Pros

  • Military grade encryption
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to use

RememBear Cons

  • No chat support

Final Thoughts

LastPass, Safe In Cloud and RememBear, all of these password managers keep your passwords secure on your device and the server in the encrypted format. These password managers are cross-platform and they work a range of different devices.

LastPass supports a range of different platforms and offers two-factor authentication. You can use it as a personal or a business tool. It’s a simple solution that has all the necessary features that you need for the management and the protection of the password.

The Safe-In-Cloud application allows you to create a database that you can populate with the multipurpose cards. You can import data from 95 different sources and password protect it.

RememBear comes with great features and it is extremely easy to use. It’s highly secure as it employs a number of advanced security features. Its AES-256 encryption and SRP(Secure Remote Password) makes it a highly secure password manager.

Its security structure is pretty solid and it ensures that it remains highly secure. It offers you unlimited storage for credit card information and passwords. Its desktop and mobile apps are pretty impressive and present all the features in an easy-to-use interface. It’s pretty easy to use and the search bar helps you find specific entries in seconds.

Overall, a password manager is a necessary tool that you need for web security. It is pretty difficult to remember a number of different passwords. Using the same password everywhere makes you too vulnerable on the Internet. With autofill features, encryption and everything that you need for password management, you can forget about the worries related password management forever.

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