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I’ll be honest, this isn’t an App I would’ve initially gone looking for – it’s not really my thing to take photos of myself, especially early in the morning when I least expect it. But I was approached to take a look at the Selfie App on the Mac App Store so I did.

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Whilst the Selfie App isn’t really my thing, I can see where it might be helpful in certain situations. The author markets the app as a bit of an anti-theft, or at least a ‘gain the identity of a thief’ application, since if the Mac is stolen the app silently takes a photo and, if you’ve set it up to upload the file to Dropbox then when the thief opens your Mac (each and every time!) a photo will be taken and uploaded. Quite a nifty idea actually and I rather like it purely from that perspective.

The Selfie App takes a photo every time the Mac lid is opened before the user even logs in (although I assume that the Dropbox sync requires a login, so if a thief can’t login as you then the photos won’t be uploaded) which the authors state can also be used to see if someone is trying to use your Mac without your permission.

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And then there’s the entirely frivolous reason of vanity – something that doesn’t work for me because I can’t think of much worse than having to look at myself first thing in the morning! But, some people do like that, and I could see that it might be fun to install on your kids laptop (privacy issues aside!) and chronicle them growing up with a picture every day that they wouldn’t even know about until their wedding day (or 21st birthday etc).

The application allows you to share your selfie on social media (oh heaven forbid!) and has a little icon in the top status bar for interacting with it, but otherwise it sits in the background and you’ll probably forget it’s there. In the meantime it’ll be gradually filling up your hard drive (and DropBox or Google Drive) with those selfies.

At a little over 3 euros the App is priced a little more than the average iOS entertainment app, but quite a lot cheaper than most Mac App Store apps and (I think) that works out about $5 so it’s a little self indulgent, but not much. The price point certainly isn’t ridiculous like some apps we’ve reviewed here recently.

It’s an odd idea for an app but I actually quite like it!

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Positives: Requires no intervention, good potential for recovery after theft
Negatives: Priced a little high perhaps, but not ridiculous
Trial Available: No
Price: 3.99 EUR


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