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Sequel Pro is a MySQL Database Management Application for Mac OSX 10.5 and 10.4. It’s released under the GPL Open Source License and is a very capable MySQL management app. I’ve used a number of these over the years and Sequel Pro is probably the best fit for the needs of most average MySQL administrators / users. It’s not hugely feature rich, but it does what it does very well.

So what can it do?

  1. Manage multiple database connections
  2. Manage multiple databases within each connection.
  3. Add databases
  4. Add tables
  5. Modify tables
  6. Browse data within tables
  7. Filter data browsed (although I couldn’t see a way to order by)
  8. Create and maintain relationships on tables that support it (such as INNO tables)
  9. Get table statistics
  10. Add rows
  11. Remove rows
  12. Duplicate rows
  13. Issue arbitary SQL queries through the ‘command line’.

sqlpross1Connecting to a new database is easy, using either File > New Connection or by pressing CMD-N. This will present you with a very clean dialog box to enter the server details, with the opportunity to tunnel the connection over SSH if required. I’ve not tried this since I use a VPN to connect to my production server and the development servers are on the local LAN which is firewalled anyway. [edit] I now use the SSH connection all the time and it works fantastically well.

Once connected to your database, assuming there’s already data in it, you’ll see the tables on the left with the table information below, some toolbar buttons at the top, the table definitions (structure) or data in the main window and the indices defined for this table in a table underneath. An image speaks a thousand words so here’s what it will look like.
sqlpross2Overall the program is extremely simple to install and use, and provides most things that more standard MYSQL management systems such as phpMyAdmin provide without the need to setup phpMyAdmin on each development database you might want to be playing with. I can’t see a way of adding new users or playing with the privilege system – except of course through the console. So that lets it down a little. [edit]It does have one major drawback when compared to phpMyAdmin however, which means we’ve rated it down a little unfortunately. The ability to import and export databases as SQL statements. Part of the way we develop websites is to develop locally, using a development database. When the site is to be uploaded and subsequently made live, it’s quite often that we like to also use the database (for example, if we’ve developed a WordPress website or a CS-Cart website, then naturally we’d want our content to be uploaded too). CS-Cart is especially useful for this because none of the URL based configuration is stored in the database, so we can develop the shop locally and then when we’re ready, upload the lot and export/import the databases. Sadly, to do that we still have to use phpMyAdmin. Sequel Pro’s import and export ability is fantastic and, as mentioned above, I use this feature regularly (thanks to a commenter below pointing it out!!) – the amount of times I’ve moved WordPress sites to different servers is beginning to escape me, but having the ability to export the actual database (rather than through the WordPress screens) and re-import it into the new box is gold.
  • 9/10
    Design - 9/10
  • 9/10
    Ease Of Use - 9/10
  • 8/10
    Ease Of Install - 8/10


Positives: flexible,supports ssh connections, open source, import/export
Negatives: None now that I found the import/export feature


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3 thoughts on “Sequel Pro”

  1. A Sequel Pro contributor

    Just a quick note to point out that Sequel Pro does support SQL import and export – under the File menu, there’s “Import” (which also supports CSV), and “Export” > “MySQL dump…”, which also gives control over which tables to export and a couple of other things.

    There’s also the ability to select a few rows and Edit > Copy as SQL, if you only need a statement for a few rows!

    Both have been around for a few versions, but 0.9.7 has significantly improved speed and reliability, especially for very large SQL dumps.

    User management should arrive in 0.9.8.

    Some sort of migration wizard will hopefully come in future versions…

    Thanks for the review – we’ll keep plugging away and improving Sequel Pro!

  2. Hi Steve.
    Enjoying your reviews, thanks.
    Is it possible when including an image that might be quite large to make it a hyperlink bringing up a larger size popup of that image so that smaller detail is visible ?

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