Synchronising Passwords Between macOS, Android and iOS

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Trying to remember passwords on the amazing number of websites these days is just about impossible – which tends to lead people into choosing insecure passwords that they can remember, and worse, they then use the same password across all the different sites. Sometimes, even internet banking and eBay, PayPal and so on share the same password.

This is a horrendous situation because websites DO GET HACKED – and if one of the sites you’ve used in the past gets hacked, and you use the same username and password all over the place, this essentially gives those hackers the ability to access all the other websites that use the same details.

LastPass demo image
LastPass Demo Screen

Of course, applications like Google Chrome, Safari and the various mobile variants on Android and iOS will save your passwords for you. But what if you have multiple devices, and don’t want to have to remember all those passwords – and in particular if you want to use multiple different Applications or browsers across multiple platforms.

That’s where LastPass comes in.

I’ve just started using LastPass (after a recommendation) and I’m extremely impressed with it. I was previously using SafeInCloud – which is good, but LastPass is even better.

LastPass works on macOS, Windows, Linux, Android and iOS, Windows Phone and a plethora of other options – and comes with some impressive security features – including two factor authentication, random password generation, synchronisation across devices, random (and very secure) password generation and more.

And, it’s free for personal use!

LastPass can also store other sensitive information such as your Driving Licence number, National Insurance / Social Security number, Passport number etc. And these sort of things can be priceless to store securely and you’ll never know quite when you might need to access them. Take, for example, you’re away overseas and lose your passport. If you don’t know the passport number it can be a nightmare trying to get an emergency replacement.

If you’ve got a partner or spouse that you share website access with (or credit card details/bank accounts) you can securely share those passwords with that person through LastPass.

On Android and iOS, LastPass will automatically fill in the username and password for popular application and I’ve actually used it myself to login to the eBay app on Android. Having the ability to automatically login to apps on the phone, with passwords that I’ve only had to enter once on the computer, is priceless.

And from a security perspective the two-factor authentication is excellent. Once setup, if someone else tries to access your LastPass vault (the name they give to all your stored information), they’ll need to provide a one time security code – which is sent to your mobile device if you installed the LastPass Authenticator, or as an SMS to your registered mobile number. If they don’t have your mobile, they cannot crack your LastPass vault – even if they do get the password right!

LastPass also improves the security of your logins at websites by auto-generating passwords for you. And because you don’t need to remember what those passwords are (since they’re automatically stored in your vault), they can be a very long password, with completely random letters and numbers and even symbols (if the website permits) which make them extremely secure, taking centuries or longer to crack with todays computers.

And, primarily, LastPass is ridiculously easy to use and has plugins for most major browsers.

If you want to improve your online security, easily and quickly, it’s worth checking out LastPass.

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