Under Redevelopment (Again)…

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It doesn’t feel like very since we announced that ReviewMacSoftware was being redeveloped by new authors and with a new theme. Unfortunately, perhaps, that redevelopment didn’t go as well as the new owners would have liked. As such we have taken the site back again.

But there’s some changes. For some time I’d been thinking that having just a review site for Mac stuff wasn’t really quite where I wanted to be. I wanted to provide more information than just reviews. On reviewmacsoftware.com I had set up a few How To’s and things of that nature, but the domain name itself never lent itself to more than just a review site really.

So, introducing MacUseful.com – where you’ll find all manner of useful MacOS / Apple information. Hardware, software, How To’s, reviews, news and more. With a clean and fast new look and feel we hope you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

Please bear with us over the next few weeks as we re-organise a little bit, particularly the home page which will no doubt change many times as I get it looking how I want it to 🙂

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