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Vitality Eve Online Character Monitor for Mac

The Windows world is full of offline utilities to keep track of your character, plan new skills and so on, but the Mac landscape is rather barren in that respect.

There used to be a project called Mac Eve Tools but this appears to have been discontinued. So, Vitality was born, and forked the original EvE Tools. According to the EvE Online Forums discussing Vitality, the fork is certainly well received and does more than the original EvE Tools did.


You can track multiple accounts with Vitality and it allows you to see your current skills, total SP, current clone (which I note one of mine is no longer sufficient!) as well as each character’s avatar of course. Vitality shows you your current skill queue, how long it will take to complete and when each skill in the queue will complete.

But possibly the most useful feature of Vitality is the ability to plan new skills. This planning can be based on the skills themselves or any item in the database. Clicking on the skill planner icon at the top will open the skill planner window, and then choosing either the ‘Skills’, ‘Certs’, ‘Ships’ or ‘Modules’ button will enable you to browse the EvE database for the particular skill, certificate, ship or module that you wish to train for.

The window then presents each database item in a drop down tree. Double clicking on an item within the tree will give you the EvE database description for that item (which in itself can be helpful) as well as its attributes and pre-requisites. Above all this the window will tell you how many days (or hours) your character will be able to use this skill within.


Using the + button enables you to add a new skill plan, so you can have multiple plans in place, which of course means you can group different things under different plans and decide when to implement them. In the screen shot to the left you can see that I have highlighted the Armor EM Hardener II module to add to the plan. Once you’ve used the + button to create your plan, simply drag the object from the left column to the right and all the skills necessary to operate that module will be added to the window (see the right hand column in the screen shot).

Of course to do all this, Vitality needs to know your character details, so you’ll have to set up an API key on the EvE system and input the details of that key into Vitality. This is done through the Preferences menu – and the Accounts window contains an extremely handy link to the EvE Online API Key Management screens so you can simply click the link and get your new API key setup.

The database tends to lag behind a little bit, the current Vitality release only has data from the Odyssey EvE release, whereas Rubicon has been out for a month or so now. But it catches up eventually and is still extremely useful unless major changes happen to skills or the object database between EvE releases.

As a nice little extra, the main window shows you how many pilots are currently logged in to Tranquility.

All in all, Vitality is an excellent addition to your offline toolbag for keeping track of your characters. And you can’t beat free.

The only BIG downside is that there appears to be no dedicated website available for providing feedback or downloading pre-built binaries easily. The latest version is stored on github which is OK if you’re a seasoned Mac developer – but in reality few people are. The link provided below under ‘Website’ is a direct download link which is all I could find for a prebuilt binary.

  • 8/10
    Design - 8/10
  • 9/10
    Ease Of Use - 9/10
  • 5/10
    Ease Of Install - 5/10


Positives: Free, Multiple Characters
Negatives: Database lags behind EvE releases, source code means you need to compile yourself

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2 thoughts on “Vitality – EvE Online Character Monitor”

  1. I use EVE Character Monitor which is now available on Mac Store for Yosemite (or older / later OSs). I really like it, and it includes all databases for the entire Eve universe all updated once every 24 hours automatically. The only thing i can’t find is a ship fitting app included, so download one of those separately. It cost a little money but less than a cup of coffee out. Check it out!


    Michael, Stockholm.

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