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Do you use a Mac? Do you have good writing skills? We want to hear from you!

We’re looking for talented people with a flair for review writing to write guest articles and reviews for us. You do NOT need to have experience and you do NOT need to show us a portfolio.

Use ReviewMacSoftware to build a portfolio so you can develop yourself as an established writer.

Fill in the form below and let us know you’d like to write for us. We’ll work with you and do our best to publish your work – assuming it’s of suitable quality – on reviewmacsoftware and we’ll credit you as the author, with a link back to your portfolio page or personal website/blog if you desire.

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    The small print

    There’s some things we need to let you know about before you submit your articles for inclusion as a guest writer;

    • We can’t pay you for your articles in monetary amounts. We don’t make enough ourselves for that… But, there are benefits to guest posting with us – which we’ll detail in a moment.
    • Guest articles/reviews may be edited by the ReviewMacSoftware (RMS) editors prior to publication. The gist of your article / review won’t change, but we may make grammar and spelling modifications or content modifications that do not alter the sentiment of your review.
    • All articles and reviews sent to RMS must be unique. RMS editors may perform search engines queries in an effort to ensure your submitted content does not appear elsewhere on the internet.
    • By submitting an article to ReviewMacSoftware you grant us an exclusive license to use the article and you guarantee the article will not be submitted for inclusion at any other site without our written consent. Articles submitted elsewhere will be removed from ReviewMacSoftware site. You may submit your articles or reviews to traditional print media, provided that media outlet will not publish the article on the internet. You may also request we remove the article from our site with 30 days notice.
    • Articles submitted to RMS must not contain links to other websites, except to website for the product itself, or other highly relevant websites. Articles with excessive amounts of links, or links to irrelevant websites will not be considered for inclusion.

    Benefits of writing for ReviewMacSoftware

    • As referred to above, we can not pay for your article in a monetary way, however, Google is indexing our site higher and higher each month and our articles are beginning to feature with good rankings on the search engines. Your name, Avatar (should you so desire) and a link to your portfolio will be placed on your article, so you can leverage that growing page rank for your own site.
    • If you have Google Plus we will do our best to ensure your profile is shown as the author of your article in Google Search Results.
    • If you’re looking to start a career as a writer, it can be very hard to start up without a portfolio of writing to demonstrate to people that you know your subject matter and can write well. ReviewMacSoftware is providing therefore a good, reputable and free way for you to show your capabilities as a writer. Writers are in high demand and we personally know of people who make their living from writing articles for websites – this could be the kickstart to your new writing career.
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